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Pure Dental Center will have everything your teeth and oral cavity need.

Pure Dental Center is a center specialized in implants and teeth installation, but it also houses several sections which provide many services for a complete journey toward an improved appearance and enhanced oral health. Be rest assured; even if you first come in with a frown, you will surely come out with the brightest and healthiest smile.

When you visit our center you will be immediately welcomed by our skilled medical staff. Mainly you will be under the care of Pure Center’s professional dentists: Dr. Solaf Abu Ayyash, Dr. Nedal Hussein, and Dr. Bilal Hassan. Whether you want your teeth checked for aesthetic purposes, oral treatments, or even during emergencies; they will always be there to help you get the perfect smile and answer all your questions and inquiries.

Our Cases & Patient Stories

In Pure Dental Center, our main mission is to build trust with our patients. Keeping your oral health and treating your dental cases is not completed with only one visit. Regular checkups are vital, and what is more vital is your trust in us.

Moreover, we are not all crown, no filling. Let some of our patients talk about their cases and experiences with Pure so you can feel encouraged to visit us and start a relationship of trust with our friendly dentists.

About Our ComfortableClinic

Pure Dental Center will always be of convenience with our flexible appointments and helpful staff who will remind you of your appointment. This all will ensure you getting an exceptional experience visiting our Center. Don’t worry too much as you will never feel dental anxiety in our comfortable and sterile clinics.

On top of comfort we have quality. The center has only state-of-art equipment and materials. So rest assured that all our treatments and surgeries are performed with the most developed tools and with leading medical techniques in the field.


We offer quality dental services with a professional team of specialized dentists to suit all your dental needs. In the Center you will find many sections each with a unique purpose. Our sections are:

  • Kids Zone
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Prosthodontics
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Dental implants
  • Smile designing
  • X-Ray Room
  • Sterilization Room









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